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He has passed the habilitation certification as professional engineering both in Italy and in Canada and he has consulted for several organizations worldwide. Giancarlo Succi has taught a variety of academic and industrial courses throughout his career in Software Engineering, Programming Languages, and Mobile, Distributed, and Centralized Operating Systems. He has organized various international conferences and other scientific and educational events.

His research interests are in empirical software engineering, open source, mobile and energy aware systems, software reuse, and software product lines. His research areas focus on mobile and energy-aware software development and quality for cyber-physical system.

From to he has been Assistant Professor, from to Associate Professor. Inhe has received the habilitation as Full Professor. He has been involved in several projects related to Open Source Software, Agile Methods, and Cyber-Physical Systems in which he applies non-invasive measurement approaches. His research areas include open source development, agile methods, empirical software engineering, software quality, cyber-physical systems, mobile and web services.

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Recently, he has focused on mobile and energy-aware software development and quality for cyber-physical system. He is author of more than papers published in international conferences and journals and 2 books.

Petersburg, Russia in and obtained his Ph. Petersburg, Russia in In he worked as a Marie Curie postdoc in Mechatronics Lab. He has also been engaged in national and international hardware projects both for academy and industry in the region of sensor applications for aerospace, banking, robotics and oilfield service. He published 34 papers. He worked also in industry: Joseph Alexander Brown obtained his Ph.

He did both his M. Hons at Brock University, St. He has worked for Magna International, the third largest automotive parts manufacturer in the world. His research interests include biologically inspired computational intelligence, machine learning, game theory, and games design. He has over twenty-five peer-reviewed publications and acts on a number of conference committees for the IEEE.

He has been an invited professor to CMU in Pittsburgh in and in EventB2Java is implemented as a Rodin plug-in. As a result of this work, he designed and implemented the EventB2Dafny tool.

Hussain is a research-oriented person and he aims to work in both academia and research with the partners at UvA research group to produce noteworthy results. He has authored and co-authored about 45 papers in renowned national and international journals and conferences. His papers also won best paper awards several times. He is also assisting a Korean company in designing lightweight machine learning algorithms for their power-efficient low-cost physical activity trackers.

Inhe became an Associate Professor. Yaroslav co-authored 3 study guides and one book. Key research area is represented by intelligent analysis of traffic data and road traffic modeling using adaptive control algorithms. Today safe and effective operation of intelligent traffic control systems requires tools for acquisition and analysis of data about current traffic conditions.

Assimilation of large data volumes regarding road traffic received from different sources is among the top areas of this research since it allows to enhance the accuracy of data mining by means of generalization of measurements using numerous approaches.

Yaroslav Kholodov has authored over 35 research works published in peer-reviewed journals, and owns 15 state registration certificates of computer programs. Yaroslav is a member of review committees of the following journals: Mathematical Modeling; Computer Research and Modeling. Alexandr Klimchik received the Engineering and Master degree in automation control from Belarusian State University of Informatics and Radioelectronics Belarus in andrespectively, Ph.

D degrees in mechanical engineering robotics from the Ecole Centrale de Nantes France in Alexandr is the author of more than 50 research papers. Inshe obtained her Ph. Jooyoung also worked for Sun Microsystems, South Korea. Her research specifically focuses on distributed reputation computation and estimating degrees of nodes in online social network. Alan has been a developer, analyst, manager, project manager, and program manager during a career in IT that spans more than 20 years.

For the last several years he has specialized in delivering solutions using the cloud to a variety of companies from fast-growing startups to Fortune companies. Cloud platforms and agile methods have made his life easier — or at least more productive — over the last years and he is anxious to share those lessons.

His major recent interests are in project and program management, Cloud computing, and crowdsourcing.

He has been involved in several national and international research projects. Alexandr is the author of more than 50 research papers. Identification of the manipulator stiffness model parameters in industrial environment. Gregory Kucherov has been an editor of a book, a co -author of about 40 journal publications and 50 conference papers. Geometric and elastostatic calibration of robotic manipulator using partial pose measurements. Integrating non-spatial preferences into spatial location queries. IT-управляющий возьмет на себя нелюбимые вами функции.

He is very experienced in both traditional waterfall and modern agile, globally distributed approaches to software delivery. He has successfully managed culturally diverse teams to deliver rapid, innovative systems.

Dr Rogers recently directed the collaboration between Skoltech and MIT and is excited about building new universities devoted to science and technology. He has a foundation in academic research in genetics and molecular biology. His other activities include being adjunct professor at Monash University in Melbourne, Australia — and membership of the French Academy of Technologies. He is also active as a consultant object-oriented system design, architectural reviews, technology assessmenttrainer in object technology and other software topics, and conference speaker.

As former head of the ETH Computer Science department, he is one of the founders and the past president of Informatics Europe, the association of European computer science departments.

По маршруту Казань - Иннополис - Казань ездят комфортабельные бесплатные автобусы шаттлы. Permanent Professors Visiting Professors. Giancarlo Succi PhD Univ. He is the author of 5 and editor of 12 books and over than publications.

His past work also includes "Ripley", a conversational robot with sensory-motor-linguistics abilities, comparable with those assessed by the "Token Test for children".

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He serves as a reviewer in numerous academic journals and conferences, and has been a TEDx speaker four times. Alberto Sillitti PhD Univ. Manuel Mazzara PhD Univ. D in at the University of Bologna.

In and he worked as a free lance consultant and teacher in Italy. In Manuel Mazzara was an assistant professor at the University of Bolzano Italy and in a researcher and project manager at the Technical University of Vienna Austria.

This project involved several partners Europe-wide with 4 of them coming from the most varied industrial scenarios: The objective was deploying software engineering techniques into the industrial process to guarantee stronger products reliability. Trust Ranking, Algorithms Dependability: Dependable systems, Software Reliability Theory Concurrency: Problem Frames approach BPM: Software engineering and methods for automotive systems Architectural Styles: Neurobiology-inspired models and architectures for Affective Computing Data types: Roberto Lucchi, Manuel Mazzara.

Manuel Mazzara, Roberto Lucchi. Manuel Mazzara, Ivan Lanese. Manuel Mazzara, Sergio Govoni. Manuel Mazzara and Anirban Bhattacharyya. LTL-based verification of reconfigurable workflows. Leonard Johard Larisa Safina. Joseph Brown PhD Univ. Computational intelligence Game theory Games design Machine learning. Performance evaluation of mixed-bias scheduling schemes for wireless mesh networks. An After Action Report. In the Proceedings of the Multiple Worlds Evolution for Motif Discovery.

Symposium on Bioinformatics and Computational Biology. In Proceedings of the 26th International. Autogeneration of Fractal Photographic Mosaic Images. Fitness Functions for Searching the Mandelbrot Set. Using Evolvable Regressors to Partition Data. K-models Clustering, a Generalization of K-means Clustering. The Poetic Metrics of bpNichol. The Craft of Data Mining: Nestor Catano PhD Univ. Traffic Information Dissemination System: Wang, Rasheed Hussain, R. Tokuta, and Heekuck Oh.

Kim, Rasheed Hussain, J.


    Using Evolvable Regressors to Partition Data. He is very experienced in both traditional waterfall and modern agile, globally distributed approaches to software delivery.

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